• Asesoramiento a las Administraciones Públicas para la elaboración de proyectos normativos y ordenanzas locales.
  • Protocolo de Kioto y mercado de emisiones de CO2
  • Aspectos ambientales, mercantiles y financieros. 
  • Asesoramiento en procedimientos administrativos: tramitación de autorizaciones, procedimientos sancionadores por infracciones de leyes y reglamentos de protección del medio ambiente, procedimientos por delito ecológico. 
  • Asesoría jurídica sectorial:
    • Residuos, envases y sistemas integrados de gestión.
    • Suelos contaminados y sustancias peligrosas.
    • Aguas y vertidos.
    • Contaminación atmosférica y ruido.
    • IPPC y evaluación del impacto medioambiental.
    • Reglamentos REACH y CLP.
  • Operaciones de adquisición de empresas, inmuebles o complejos industriales: procesos de auditoría legal y asesoramiento sobre responsabilidades derivadas de contingencias medioambientales.  
  • Financiación de proyectos (project finance): análisis jurídico de los condicionantes ambientales del proyecto e interrelación entre los permisos ambientales; mecanismos contractuales para mitigar los riesgos ambientales. 
  • Fiscalidad medioambiental.

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Clients describe the firm as the "benchmark in the sector" and add: "Obviously the quality of the firm is high in terms of the quality of the lawyers and their effectiveness, flexibility and immediate attention".

Interviewees highlight "the interest the firm has in knowing what each client needs," adding: "They know how we work and what we expect from them – it is a pleasure for us as clients".

Peers and clients recognise this firm as the leader in waste matters. Clients say: "Waste is an area they understand very well and this makes them unique".

The Chambers Europe 2017. Environment


Gómez-Acebo & Pombo Abogados' highly experienced three-partner team is a 'leader in the environmental sector, especially in the area of waste and water'.

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chambers partners

"The team is commercial and completely on the ball."

"I think the firm is the best in terms of money. It is very flexible with the price, the offers it makes you are very reasonable and it is flexible to change things."

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The ‘legal soundness’ of the practice at Gómez-Acebo & Pombo Abogados is ‘second to none’.

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Pedro Poveda's team at Gómez-Acebo & Pombo Abogados is recommended because of its 'excellent service, response times and strength in depth'.

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chambers partners

"I'm very satisfied with this firm. It stans out for its quality, flexibility, rigour, speed and attention to the client."
"The lawyers are very flexible - they adapt to our particular needs and provide an excellent service." 

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chambers partners

"We made the best decision hiring this firm. The fees are reasonable and the lawyers excellent: dedicated, available and business-oriented". 

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chambers partners

Sources say: "The lawyers are flexible, practical and responsive, and know our sector extremely well".

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Gómez-Acebo & Pombo Abogados provides "valuable opinions" to clients including the 11 waste management integrated systems, which it advised on the new Waste Bill.

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chambers partners

Sources say: "The team knows the market and the public administration very well, which gives it an advantage over the competition. The lawyers are practical and highly efficient at problem solving".

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