Advice on financing transactions

  • Corporate finance.
  • Loans, lines of credit and syndicated facilities, including Club Deals.
  • Asset financing:
    • aircraft;
    • vessels;
    • real estate;
    • other assets.
  • Project finance. Advice in the tendering stage of infrastructure concessions, designing of project structures, drafting and negotiation of project agreements, due diligence procedures, drafting and negotiation of mandate letters and financing term sheets, as well as of the main credit arrangement, input VAT funding, interest rate hedging, intercreditor, security and sponsor support agreements. Drafting and negotiation of syndicated facility agreements and legal aspects of the information memorandum.
    • Energy, under special or ordinary regime. Due diligence of projects for sponsors, investors and lenders.
    • Transport infrastructure.
    • Water infrastructure.
    • Public Private Partnerships (PPP).
  • Advice on the financing and structuring of project and holding company acquisitions.
  • Acquisition financing.
  • Derivatives: ISDA Master Agreement, Spanish Master Agreement for Financial Transactions (CMOF), credit default swaps, etc.


Advice on refinancing, debt restructuring and distressed debt transactions

  • Novations.
  • Rollovers.
  • Debt restructuring.
  • Pre-insolvency stage advice.
  • Accords and satisfactions (dations in payment) and assignments for the benefit of creditors.
  • Debt-equity swaps.
  • Negotiations with banks, other financial institutions and hedge funds.
  • Distressed debt and asset acquisitions: due diligence, design of acquisition structures, management and enforcement of claims and security.


Advice on the securities market

  • Public offerings.
  • Takeover bids.
  • Block trades.
  • Share buyback plans.
  • Employee share plans.
  • Commercial paper programmes.
  • Securitisations: mortgages and any other debt.
  • Issuance of financial assets (debt securities, warrants, hybrid and structured asset-backed securities, secured obligations).
  • Collective investment:
    • investment firms and funds;
    • collective investment managers;
    • venture capital managers;
    • UCITS.
  • Corporate governance of listed companies.
  • Compliance with standards of conduct, transparency and information by securities issuers.


Advice on banking regulation

  • Regulatory aspects. Procedures before regulatory bodies and authorities.
  • Authorisation and registration of entities and regulated activities.
  • Contracts. Standard terms and conditions.


Advice on insurance matters

  • Regulatory. Adaptation to Solvency II.
  • Insurance Ombudsman. Strategic management of claims.
  • Adaptation of insurance policies.
  • Compliance.
  • Comprehensive support: tax, finance, investments,...
  • Market entry and structural transactions. Innovation and optimisation strategies.
  • Representation before authorities.
  • Support to ‘passporting’ insurers, branches or third-country insurance companies.
  • Distribution of insurance products.
  • Insurance portfolio transfers, national and international.
  • Pension schemes and funds.

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Best Lawyers 2018: Law Firm of the Year. Project Finance and Development Practice


 europe firm

"I get the service that I like; I want them to get involved and jump in at the deep end, to be shamelessly on the front line of the discussion"

"the team is available, quick to reply and works closely with the client"

The Chambers Europe 2017. Restructuring/Insolvency


‘high technical skills’

The Legal 500 2017. Restructuring & Insolvency

europe firm

"They are efficient lawyers who know how to separate the important points from the irrelevant"

Interviewees also highlight the lawyers' "strong technical knowledge, relevant and recent experience" and their ability to establish an "easy working relationship."

The Chambers Europe 2017. Project Finance


europe firm

"They are a perfect combination of being quick with work and transmitting a lot of confidence."

"Their performance is good and they are very attentive towards us."

The Chambers Europe 2017. Energy and Natural Resources


europe firm

"They have a depth of resources in the firm across areas like litigation, tax and corporate that they can bring to bear very effectively. The partners can always tap into top-quality resources at the firm and apply it to the situation quickly."
"They have a lot of initiative and good new ideas. They are innovative."

The Chambers Europe 2017. Banking & Finance – Spain


europe firm

"We are always in a hurry and preparing everything at the last minute but they have always been able to provide all documents at the right time and collate all of the information."

The Chambers Europe 2017. Capital Markets – Spain


chambers partners

"It has what you look for in a firm: practicality, defence of interest for the client and it's proactive in looking for solutions."

"The firm is very dedicated to the deals, even if there's a high workload it always has enough resources to help us."

The Chambers Europe 2016. Project Finance

chambers partners

"Lawyers need to have a very specialist knowledge for private equity and they are able to tell you exactly what the issues are."

"The team is extremely responsive."

The Chambers Europe 2016. Private Equity

 chambers partners

"It has a strong local knowledge and the key partners always made themselves available; there was lots of face time, practical advice and help in negotiating the deal."

"The firm offers a full service and the relationship between quality and price is one of its principal virtues."

The Chambers Europe 2016. Capital Markets

 chambers partners

"The quality of work for the client is really good. You are always in touch with one of the partners and they co-ordinate the team. They've got a very good commercial understanding of the purpose of the deal and the key points to be negotiated."

"They have strong local knowledge and the key partners always made themselves available - lots of face time, practical advice - and helped to negotiate the deal."

The Chambers Europe 2016. Banking and Finance


Gómez-Acebo & Pombo Abogados is involved in some of the most significant transactions in the insurance sector, and is able to combine local and international expertise.

The Legal 500 2016. Insurance

chambers partners

"I have a very good opinion of the firm working on the finance side for Spanish banks - it is a reference in the sector and the lawyer are a pleasure to del with."

The Chambers Europe 2015. Shipping Finance

chambers partners

"Highly experienced professionals; the resources they are able to dedicate to clients are just fantastic."
"The team has greatcapacity in the sector and always looks for practical solutions for clients."

The Chambers Europe 2015. Project Finance

 chambers partners

"A very experienced, agile and knowledgeable practice."

The Chambers Europe 2015. Capital Markets

 chambers partners

"The team is technically impeccable, with specialised expertise in many sectors."

"The team mobilises all resources to give us the best service possible. The lawyers are very agile and proactive in proposing solutions."

The Chambers Europe 2015. Banking and Finance


Gómez-Acebo & Pombo Abogados excels in investment fund and acquisition finance matters.

The Legal 500 2015. Banking and Finance


Gómez-Acebo & Pombo, which provides 'commerical and detailed advice'.

The Legal 500 2015. Banking and Finance - Portugal

chambers partners

"A great firm. I would highlight the lawyers' spirit of collaboration and willingness to look for solutions".
"The lawyers have a great deal of experience and are able to anticipate issues. We trust each other".

The Chambers Europe 2014. Shipping Finance

chambers partners

"We deal directly with the partners -  you don`t only see them on the first and last days but on a daily basis. They dedicate as much time as needed to each deal and don't jump from one deal to the next like other firms do. A stable team with a favourable working environment, wich benefits the client".

The Chambers Europe 2014. Project Finance

 chambers partners

The lawyers are excellent at coming up with original solutions to problems that we have not thought of before.

The Chambers Europe 2014. Capital Markets

chambers partners

The team is known for its excellent track record advising funds and bondholders on restructurings. "The firm has excellent partners, not just good but excellent. They propose new and innovative solutions and are very proactive in finding new business and new solutions".

The Chambers Europe 2014. Banking and Finance


Taking "a practical, commercial approach", the "excellent" Gómez-Acebo & Pombo advises global financial players in complex, cross-border transactions, with particular strength in securities.

The Legal 500 2014. Banking and Finance - Portugal


“Really good,” says a client, adding that “they are very good lawyers, they always put clients interest first, hard workers, very technical [and] have a good specialist knowledge”. “Very good and responsive advice on Spanish and Portuguese laws,” says another.

IFLR 1000  2014. Banking


According to a client off the back of a cross-border financing "the legal advice we got from the firm was comprehensive and very helpful. We needed to understand a specific issue of a transaction [and] I was very satisfied with their services".

IFLR 1000  2014. Banking - Portugal

chambers partners

"Great service: the group is client-friendly and the partners are very much involved".

The Chambers Europe 2013. Banking and Finance

chambers partners

"Always available and technically strong".

The Chambers Europe 2013. Capital Markets

chambers partners

"What I like about the firm is its wide experience: it covers our needs in all areas. The team co-ordinates everything well, and is also very commercial. The lawyers are diligent, fast and available, and in negotiations they know where to compromise while remaining firm".

The Chambers Europe 2013. Project Finance


Gómez-Acebo & Pombo Abogados is "very good across the board, especially for project finance".

The Legal 500 2013. Banking and Finance


The "excellent" team at Gómez-Acebo & Pombo is noted for its "experience, knowledge, speed and flexibility".

The Legal 500 2013. Banking and Finance - Portugal


"The service quality provided by the law firm has always been exceptional and the professionals always take good care of the customer applying the highest standards".

"In my professional life I have met lawyers and legal advisors from KPMG, Cuatrecasas, Price Waterhouse, Garrigues...among others firms and can assure that the level of Gómez-Acebo is in line with the best".

IFLR 1000  2013. Capital Markets

chambers partners

"This team really knows how banks operate".

The Chambers Europe 2012. Banking and Finance

chambers partners

"The lawyers are highly experienced and are experts in their field".

The Chambers Europe 2012. Capital Markets

chambers partners

"The team's advice was precise and straight to the point, with timely responses and clear explanation of all the issues involved".

The Chambers Europe 2012. Capital Markets - Portugal

chambers partners

"The lawyers possess extraordinary knowledge of the market and their explanations are clear".

The Chambers Europe 2012. Project Finance


"Among others, Gómez-Acebo possibly is the one having more transactions, I would say this firm is more active than other firms", says one rival.

IFLR1000 2012. Capital Markets