Regarding the legal ramifications on accountancy, we offer advice on the application of the rules and regulations which govern the submission of the annual accounts (the annual financial statements), both at an international level – mainly in accordance with the IASB regulations – as well as at the local (Spanish) level (the General Accounting Plan and other sectors' rules and regulations).

The multidisciplinary characteristic of our Firm, together with the quality and experience of our team, place us in a privileged position to provide answers and solutions that the current entrepreneurial context demands and allow us to offer the following services:

  • Analysis, interpretation and documentation of transactions carried out by the company in accordance with a true and fair view of the annual accounts.
  • Work to optimize and reconcile the annual accounts in view of commercial laws and regulations and tax implications.
  • Work together with the company throughout any inspection and auditing of accounts.
  • Review and advice on the compilation of the annual accounts and consolidated accounts.
  • Advice on business transactions (mergers, spin offs, global transfers of assets, etc.).
  • Support with the identification of parameters and accounting figures used or needed under commercial law.
  • Fiscal implications related to the application of the accounting rules and regulations.
  • Handling of consultations before the Auditing Institute.
  • Analysis of accounting rules and regulations as applied to specific business activities (construction, licenses, etc.)
  • Advising financial institutions (credit companies, insurance companies, collective investment schemes, etc.) on specific rules and regulations and their implications regarding patrimony requirements under solvency standards.