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Diagonal, 640

08017 Barcelona

Tel.: (+34) 93 415 74 00

Fax: (+34) 93 415 84 00

 Daniel Marín Moreno

Managing Partner


Marín Moreno

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Gómez-Acebo & Pombo has been actively present in Barcelona for more than twenty years. The team is comprised of over forty lawyers —eight of whom are partners— focused on key areas of business law. The Barcelona office possesses unparalleled knowledge of the Catalonian business sector as well as its institutions and associations.

Our advice is tailored to the specific needs of the Catalonian industries. We serve large domestic private and public companies, family businesses, and foreign companies with investments in Catalonia.

The Barcelona office has excellent bilingual professionals who are not only familiar with the Catalonian market but also have an international perspective gained through education and experience with the clients for whom they work.


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Álex Carbonell Real-Salas
Daniel Marín Moreno
Eduardo Martínez-Matosas Ruiz de Alda
Íñigo Igartua Arregui
José Ángel Cano Muñoz
Richard A. Silberstein


Alberto Romero Dignoes
Andrea Díez de Uré Loinaz
Andrea Montes Prat
Ariadna Galimany Bueno
Beatriz Dosdá Arnal
Carla Sanahuja Fonte
Carla Palau Segura
Carolina Posse Van Der Laat
Daniel García Carrión
Diana Urrego Baron
Didac Ripollés
Dunia García Porras
Elisabet Rojano Vendrell
Emma Pons Claramunt
Ernest Morales Tonda
Estefanía Fraile Ortega
Gerard Gimenez i Gasol
Isabel María Gandía Ponce
Isaque Marcos Leite
Luis Cuesta
Maria Mera Cabezas
Mónica Ferrer Carrillo
Montserrat Jané Casas
Montserrat Palencia Martínez
Paula Álvarez Rodríguez
Reyes Crous Bellido



Administrative and Regulatory
Banking Capital Markets and Insurance
Competition and European Law
Copyright and Media
Corporate and Commercial
Criminal Law
Environmental Law
Intellectual Property and Information Technology
Mergers and Acquisitions
Private Equity
Real Estate, Property Development and Planning
Textile, clothing and footwear