Faustino Cordón Moreno

Professor of Procedural Law

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Member of the Academic Counsel. Faustino joined Gómez-Acebo & Pombo in 2011.


Education and professional career

  • Master of Law from the University of Navarra (1975).
  • Doctor of Law from the University of Navarra (1977). Extraordinary award.
  • Practising lawyer from 1980 to 2008. He has worked as an independent lawyer in many matters and he has collaborated with other law firms on matters pertaining to his areas of expertise.
  • Member of the Arbitration Court of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Navarra; arbitrator appointed ad hoc in several arbitration proceedings and  usual lawyer in arbitration proceedings.
  • Counsel of the Litigation and Arbitration Department



Civil proceedings. Insolvency proceedings. Arbitration.


Membership of Professional Bodies and Associations

  • Navarra Bar Association



  • Associate professor of Procedural Law: University of the Balearic Islands (1980).
  • Professor of Procedural Law of the University of Alcalá de Henares: 1987-1990 and from 2006 to the present.
  • Teacher of Procedural Law and Director of the Department: University of Navarra School of Law (1990-2006).
  • Dean of the University of Navarra School of Law (1990-1996).
  • Principal of the School of Legal Practice at the University of Navarra School of Law: 1993-2006.
  • Guest lecturer at different master programs.
  • Guest lecturer in courses and conferences at different European and Latin-American universities.
  • Lecturer in different national and international congresses and regular conference speaker on subjects within his field of expertise at Spanish, European and Latin-American universities (more that 150 papers and conferences).



Spanish, French and German.


  • La legitimación en el proceso contencioso administrativo, EUNSA, Pamplona, 1979, 324 pp.
  • El proceso de amparo constitucional, La Ley, Madrid, 1987, 19922, 230 pp.
  • Introducción al derecho procesal, EUNSA, Pamplona, 1994, 19952; 19983, 193 pp.
  • Suspensión de pagos y quiebra (una visión jurisprudencial), Aranzadi, Pamplona, 1995,19972, 19993, 348 pp.
  • El arbitraje en el derecho español: interno e internacional, Aranzadi, Pamplona, 1995, 275 pp.
  • Proceso civil de declaración, Aranzadi, Pamplona, 1997, 403 pp.
  • El proceso contencioso-administrativo, Aranzadi, Pamplona, 1999, 20012, 314 pp.
  • Las garantías constitucionales del proceso penal, Aranzadi, Pamplona, 1999, 20022, 235 pp.
  • El proceso de ejecución, Aranzadi, Pamplona, 2002, 490 pp.
  • El proceso concursal, Aranzadi, Pamplona, 2003, 20052, 301 pp.
  • El arbitraje de derecho privado. Estudio breve de la nueva Ley de Arbitraje 60/2003, de 23 de diciembre, Civitas, 2005, 428 pp.
  • Arbitraje y jurisdicción: algunas cuestiones polémicas, Civitas, 2010.
  • Comentarios a la Ley de Enjuiciamiento Civil, 2 vols., Thomson-Aranzadi, Pamplona, 2001, 20112. Coordinator of the publication and author of many its articles.
  • Comentarios a la Ley Concursal, Thomson-Aranzadi, Pamplona, 2004, 20102, Coordinator of the publication and author of many of its articles.
  • Author of approximately 70 scientific articles published in collective works and journals.
  • Member of the Thomson-Reuters-Aranzadi’s Editorial Board and board member of several legal journals.