Sports have changed unimaginably in the last twenty years. The magnitudes of their economic activity and the job opportunities they generate today have taken sports from a recreational activity for fans to a leader in the leisure industry. The management of Spanish sports companies, in following international trends, has been professionalized. In the same sense, athletes are party to negotiations that have become more and more complex. Both one and the other today require first-rate legal advice: specialized, expert, discrete – covering all of their needs.

Gómez-Acebo & Pombo was one of the first major firms in Spain to have an Area of Practice in Sports Law to respond to the needs of a sector where legal aspects are more and more present in day-to-day activities. We make available to clients the various specializations which they may require in this field: administrative, commercial, international finance, industrial property, intellectual property, competition, employment, tax, real estate and contentious. We form a team with the client.

Our services

For the athlete:

  • Employment relations
  • Tax planning
  • Sponsorships
  • Management, assignment and protection of image rights
  • Litigation, arbitration and mediation in sports conflicts

For sports entities:

  • Organization of sports clubs, federations and national and international committees
  • Organization and promotion of national and international sports events
  • Patronage, sponsorship and marketing
  • Audiovisual broadcasting of sporting events
  • Employment relations
  • Tax planning
  • Management, protection and assignment of image rights and trademarks
  • Assignment of audiovisual rights and exploitation of national and international events
  • Project finance: design of financial structures
  • Litigation, arbitration and mediation in sports conflicts

chambers partners

"The lawyers are fast, effective and have strong technical knowledge."

"The firm provides the right person for each topic both inside and outside of sports law. All of the lawyers offer good availability and their responses are always quick."

The Chambers Europe 2016. Sport


chambers partners

"I have an excellent relationship with the firm and total confidence. If there is any doubt I can pick up the phone and put the question to the lawyers, so the relationship is comfortable and easy."
"It's a firm that you can access with ease and the lawyers' response always comes at the right time."

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chambers partners

"The lawyers are specialised in sports law and have a wide range of expertise, from doping to contracts. They make things easy".

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Sources say: "The lawyers are available and efficient. They are always there for me at short notice, and bring an added dimension to the legal work".

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Sources say: "A hard-working and very consolidated team".

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The sports practice at this strong Spanish firm offers a full service to its clients but is particularly lauded for its expertise on disciplinary matters, including the issue of doping, and litigation before international courts.

The Chambers Europe 2011. Sports Law