Our experience with different clients belonging to this sector has afforded us an in-depth knowledge of the media and publications sector, both on the national and international level. We know how the business works and what are its key factors. Our goal is to assist our clients in achieving their goals, strengthening their business and being its long-term partner.

The media and publications sector is facing significant challenges, such as a decrease in their advertising revenues as a consequence of the economic crisis, the entry into Spain of new publications, as well as of online media.

Furthermore, audience demand for more and more aggressive news makes it necessary to duly protect the rights of editors and directors, maintaining at the same time due respect for information and for the fundamental rights of readers.

The tendency of the market is towards larger and larger groups, corporate structures that reach a level of complexity in which their optimal management requires outside legal advice.

The same can be said for labor aspects, in a sector in which there are multiple variants for hiring and in which flexibility is customary and necessary.

In many cases, these groups have their parent company abroad. To ascertain the reality of other jurisdictions in order to be able to detect the problems customarily presented is one of the keys for inter-group management to be swift and efficient.

Our services provide an integral response to matters of concern to the sector. Worthy of mention are:

  • Corporate advice. Good Corporate Governance and internal management regulations
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Re-organization of business groups through structural modifications
  • Joint Ventures
  • Commercial contracting
  • Licensing agreements
  • Intellectual property (Copyright)
  • E-Commerce
  • Data protection and privacy
  • Antitrust/competition law
  • Taxation. Tax incentives and optimization of structures
  • Emplyment. Forms of hiring and optimization of resources