The tourism and hospitality sector, together with the growing forms of leisure developments, is one of the principal pillars of the Spanish economy, in which the firm advises numerous companies and has participated in the principal transactions that have been carried out. Our experience includes advice to various types of companies, including hotel companies, tour operators, receptive operators, airlines (charter and regularly-scheduled), each one, and especially the business in which they operate, subject to different peculiarities.

Within the matters and/or problems that play an important role in this sector are regulatory matters and the obtaining of licenses, as well as real property aspects. Thanks to the liberalization of the licensing scheme driven by the European Union and implemented in Spain through the well-known Omnibus Act, the requirement of licenses for tourism projects has been made easier, but there continue to be numerous phases in which obtaining the pertinent license and its parameters and conditioning factors are vital for the success of the project.

The advice we provide not only focuses on Spain but many times we accompany our clients in the operations they carry out abroad.

Our firm has interdisciplinary teams capable of providing a rapid solution to the principal questions posed in this sector, including the following:

  • Corporate advice.
  • Advice on the acquisition and sale of tourism assets or real properties for development thereof.
  • Regulatory frame and license application.
  • Development of land for implementation of tourism projects.
  • Hotel contracts, including management, franchise or rental agreements.
  • Development of residential products related to hotel projects ("residences").
  • Conception and implementation of timesharing structures, including fractional or points programs.
  • Advice on and representation in the negotiation of concessions, with particular emphasis on matters posed with the respective Coastal Authorities with regard to legal boundaries.
  • Commercial contracting.
  • Advice on contracting construction works.
  • Establishment of Vacation Club structures.
  • Customer loyalty programs.
  • Tourist exploitation contracts.
  • Advice to Owners' Associations related to hotel projects.
  • Development of theme parks.
  • Casinos.