We are aware of the important, growing role being played in current day society by foundations, associations, federations, NGO’s and, in general, all types of non-profit entities dedicated to a myriad of projects of a varied nature, and in which interests of a great number of individuals and collectives converge. That is why we render our services during the entire process of establishment, incorporation and development of these entities, advising on the incorporation of the most adequate entity depending on the projects to be carried out, facilitating and improving their management and operation, collaborating on their professionalization and, in general, facilitating the best compliance with their purposes for the benefit of society as a whole.

We provide advice on all practical issues that facilitate and improve the management of these entities, both from an internal standpoint of their operation (such as drafting and amendment of their bylaws and internal regulations, establishment, renewal and functioning of their governing bodies, exercise of powers of representation, termination and dissolution) as well as on their relations with third parties, advising on all types of contracts that serve to best develop their activities and compliance with their purposes. We handle the defence and representation of these entities vis-à-vis the public authorities and other instances and bodies, whether public or private, and vis-à-vis individuals. We advise on the fulfilment of all types of administrative formalities for obtaining all types of subsidies and public assistance.

We know how important it is for these entities to take advantage of the tax advantages provided by current law in force and to comply with all tax obligations, in consideration of the particularities and specific regulations applicable. We also provide integral employment advice, on the hiring of workers and the provision of services by the volunteer corps and in relation to compliance with all employment obligations.

Our Services

Our advice is aimed at providing an integral, specific and personalized response to the needs and peculiarities of foundations, associations, NGO’s and, in general, all types of non-profit entities:

  • Incorporation, modification, merger, transformation and dissolution of Foundations, Associations, NGO’s, federations and non-profit entities, and advice on compliance with statutory obligations and internal regulations (establishment and renewal of governing bodies, legalization and carrying of minute books, bylaw amendments, processing and management of notarial documents and registration matters).
  • Drafting and review of all types of contracts, bases for calls to bidding, collaboration and sponsorship agreements.
  • Declaration of Public Utility.
  • Personal data protection in respect of volunteers, associates, beneficiaries, patients, etc.
  • Industrial property rights (trademarks and patents, website).
  • Tax Advice (tax returns, preparation and processing of documents and consultations addressed to the Spanish Revenue Authority (AEAT), tax audits, tax proceedings, appearance, representation and defence before the Tax Inspectorate bodies).
  • Subsidies and public assistance, representation and defence before the public authorities.
  • Environment.
  • Employment advice (drafting and negotiation of employment contracts, renewals and transformations of workers, Employee Redundancy Proceedings, advice before the labour Inspectorates, labour audits).
  • Legal training talks and seminars on the principal legal liabilities of non-profit entities.
  • Training to social workers of NGO’s on the principal legal needs affecting their beneficiary collectives.