As a services company we are well aware of the needs of these types of companies requires, working together with them on different projects. Sometimes we act as partners in their projects and, at other times we advise them on their legal needs. With them we have participated in a myriad of project finances for third parties, providing them with the necessary legal support. We have shared clients on a multitude of infrastructure, energy, and water projects and, especially now, in company re-structuring processes, working hand-in-hand on re-financing, Employee Redundancy Proceedings, business re-organizations, etc.

We also work with them on their day-to-day activities, advising them on their corporate structures, shareholders’ agreements, internationalization, and tax optimization, both of the company as well as of its natural person members. We advise them on the contracts they execute with third parties and help them to focus on the projects of their clients.  

Our advice is aimed at providing an integral, specific and personalized response to the needs of the companies that form this sector of activity:

  • Advice on corporate matters in order to structure their stake in the companies and their shareholders’ agreements.
  • Commercial, tax, employment, procedural and administrative advice the companies may require in their relations with customers and suppliers.
  • Advice on the financing of projects where they intervene as promoters thereof.
  • Collaboration with the engineering and consultancy firms on the various projects in which they intervene, providing the necessary legal support including working on a team with them.