Gómez-Acebo & Pombo advises operators of private educational centres, both regulated and non-regulated, in relation to their implantation, the development of their activities and their expansion, whether through the opening of new centres or the acquisition of others already in existence.

We have extensive experience with national and international clients and the satisfaction of having accompanied them from the onset of their activities, having participated in the design of their corporate governance, in the legal advice for the construction, promotion and financing of the centres and in the acquisitions they have undertaken.

The scope of work encompasses not only regulatory areas but also commercial, employment, real property and tax matters. The services we render in the area of education include: 

  • Corporate advice (incorporation of companies; preparation of bylaws; capital increases and reductions and other bylaw amendments; Board secretariats; etc.).
  • Regulatory advice in relation to the procedures regarding the creation, recognition and authorizations that are pertinent for the start of activities or change in title of the centres, and general administrative advice.
  • Urban planning and real estate advice in relation to the construction of the educational centre’s buildings, as well as in relation to necessary financing.
  • Commercial advice in processes involving the purchase of centres, whether through the purchase of assets or the shares or quotas of the operating entities, or collaboration agreements that may be executed.
  • Employment advice in relation to pedagogical personnel.
  • Tax advice.