Central State Administration

Although the decentralization process has deprived the State of much of its traditional authority, the State Administration nevertheless has a presence which, due to its implantation throughout the entire Spanish territory, demands a high-profile attention, capable of providing adequate solutions to highly complex situations.

It is precisely the breadth of issues faced by the central administration that requires maximum level, multidisciplinary advice. The problems confronting the State frequently have nothing to do with day-to-day needs and, on the other hand, involve matters that persist over time and which entail important issues for the ordinary citizen, requiring the coordination of teams of specialists from various facets of administrative and constitutional law.

Autonomous Communities

The needs of the Autonomous Communities have grown exponentially at the rhythm at which their authority has expanded. The full development of the Autonomous State was achieved by way of the distribution of authority as delineated by articles 148 through 150 of the Constitution, especially starting with the so-called second statutory wave.

This has contributed to the creation of autonomous structures which in many respects mimic the State's structures (with regard to scope of authority), the management of which on occasion surpasses the capacity of action of the public bodies.

Gómez-Acebo y Pombo prides itself on integrating professionals with extensive experience in the public service of the Autonomous Communities, with first-hand knowledge of their ways of functioning and needs. A pragmatic understanding of the needs of the Communities has lead to the development of imaginative ad hoc solutions, that also start from the basis of a comprehension of the various sensitivities and objectives of the various autonomous communities.

Local Administrations

We advise the Local Administrations on general public sector contracting matters, civil service, financial liability, assets and property, etc., as well as on specific sectors such as water, mines, mountains, urban planning and infrastructures.

In all of these matters we also assume the roles of the prosecution and defense attorneys in the contentious-administrative jurisdictional system, knowing that one of the aspects most valued by our clients is the trust placed in their lawyers – experts in providing integral legal advice to the Public Authorities.

Aware of the continuous development of new regulatory rules and regulations, we also provide special advice in matters involving the environment, public labor issues including collective bargaining, tax regulations, urban and territorial planning, among other related fields.

Our Services

Our advices are aimed at providing integral, specific responses to the needs of the Administrations. On occasion, this entails aspects common to the three territorial levels. On others, it entails matters characteristic of each particular Administration.

The following areas of service may be identified, by way of illustration:

  • Administrative and public sector contracts (concessions, public works, management of services, general services, supply, public-private collaboration, etc.).
  • Assets of the Administration (public domain and properties).
  • Financial liability of the Administration.
  • Forced expropriation.
  • Civil servants (employment tests, RPT, etc.).
  • List of Employment Positions (content, preparation, approval).
  • Hiring (permanent, temporary, fixed-discontinuous, etc.).
  • Collective bargaining (negotiation, agreements, enhancement clauses).
  • Working conditions (illegal assignments, substantial modification of working conditions, working hours, leaves of absence).
  • Employment Redundancy Proceedings.
  • Specific sectors (water, infrastructures, mines, mountains, etc.).
  • Concessions, authorizations and legalization procedures.
  • Full legal assistance regarding administrative and contentious-administrative litigation.
  • Incorporation, advice and winding-up of mixed companies.
  • Advice on the drafting and processing of planning instruments and land division.
  • Master Zoning Plan, Partial Zoning Plan, Special Plan, Detail Study, Reparceling and urbanization projects; Territorial Plans, Plans for Protection of Natural Resources, etc.
  • Advice on the establishment and operation of Collaborating Entities (Compensation Boards, Urban Planning Conservation Entities).
  • Urban planning licenses and administrative authorizations (autonomous authorizations for use of rustic land, projects for authorization of major infrastructures under the constitutional concept of territorial planning).
  • Sanctioning proceedings and restorations regarding infringements of rights.
  • Advice and defence in criminal matters (offenses against the Public Administration, financial and white collar crimes, urban and territorial planning offenses, ecological offenses).
  • Advice on regulatory preparation (Local Ordinances, Regulations, provisions having the ranking of law).
  • Autonomous, state and European subsidies.
  • Management of protected spaces. Declarations. Regulations and planning. Contaminated land proceedings.


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"The team provides us with intelligent and useful strategies"

"They have really in-depth knowledge of the market and of what kind of assistance my company needs," says another client, adding: "They are easygoing people who speak to me in plain language"

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Gómez-Acebo & Pombo Abogados’ public law practice earns praise for its ‘outstanding and pertinent advice’, ably complemented by the firm’s other departments.

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"I value the firm greatly; it has been a key element in shaping the Central de Contratación since its inception, constantly proposing solutions and alternatives that improve its function and make it an attractive tool to use by as many local authorities as possible."

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This highly successful Spanish outfit maintains a strong public law practice. The firm has offices in Madrid, Barcelona, Bilbao, Málaga, Valencia, Vigo, Brussels, London and, since early 2010, Lisbon.

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