Within a developed economy the paper, wood and cardboard industry has a noteworthy significance not only in relation to the manufacture of final products, but also especially as regards an industry with an instrumental and strategic value in the production process of other industries producing consumer goods.

Our fundamental added value in this economic area comes principally from our extensive experience as legal counsel to companies leading this sector. This experience has afforded us a detailed knowledge of both the operation of the sector in general as well as the specific issues facing the companies doing business therein, having developed and tested individual legal solutions for problems affecting day-to-day operations.

In relation to the above, the crucial importance of environmental matters on the production process of the paper, timber and cardboard industry is evident, both as regards the processing of waste as well as matters related to dumping or recycling. Our knowledge of the legal problems existing in this field is quite extensive as a consequence of our work over the years with sector companies.

But putting aside the environmental aspect, our experience in the sector allows us to have detailed knowledge and to have developed specific know-how in other characteristic aspects, e.g. the peculiarities of sector employment regulation, the potential problems from the standpoint of antitrust/competition law in a market in which to a certain extent there exists only a limited number of participants as well as the practical peculiarities of turnkey agreements for the purchase and installation of machinery characteristic of the industry.

Our Services

Our professional services to companies that do business in this industry, although covering all areas of the law that allow an integral legal advice to companies, are of a more specialized nature in the following areas:

  • Environmental law (both consultative as well as in litigious matters): with special focus on waste processing and management, dumping and recycling.
  • Employment Law: collective bargaining, accidents, risk prevention.
  • Turnkey agreements: purchases and installations of machinery.
  • Antitrust/competition law.
  • Supply, agency and distribution agreements.