The industrial equipment industry is one of the fundamental keys for maintaining a solidly structured industrial fabric in which, on the one side, the major industrial groups and, on the other, small and medium-sized companies, are able to co-exist, with a specific, qualified knowledge of their products and applications. This type of company which flourishes in certain areas of Spain, especially in the North, in Levante and the Central area, requires a qualified, closely-tailored, legal advice, in light of their greater and greater component of internationalization in search of new markets, the high degree of I+D+i that characterizes them, and their constant interaction with major multinational groups that have solid teams of legal advisors.

Our knowledge of the international market and of the modus operandi of the major multinationals, combined with our presence in various jurisdictions and in geographies close to our clients, allows us to provide them with expert advice, tailored and adapted to their needs at any given time.

Our Services

For companies belonging to this sector, our services cover integral advice in all areas of law and, also, more specific advice in the following phases and areas:

  • In the negotiation phase with their clients and suppliers of individual tailor-made contracts for products, equipment and tools.
  • In the negotiation of complex framework agreements and adaptation of general conditions with major international groups.
  • In the preparation of their own contractual documents and contracting conditions, together with the study and submission to sector rules (ORGALYME et al).
  • In the protection and defence of their know-how, industrial and intellectual property (key aspects of their business they must necessarily protect).
  • In international services they may require.
  • In corporate, civil and commercial matters, advising them on the incorporation of an adequate legal structure (companies, temporary unions of undertakings, economic interest groups, etc.) which may facilitate the development of their activity in the most optimal manner possible.
  • In the obtaining and processing of assistance and subsidies, and for the appearance and participation in public contracting processes.