The chemical industry establishes rigorous requisites regarding production systems, distribution and warehousing. This implies a highly regulated and complex legal framework. Both producer companies as well as marketers and their respective associations have a specific regulatory compliance treatment. From traceability, the application of Reach regulations, product specifications as regards both raw materials and finished product, imply implementing quality procedures and systems for all aspects of the company. Our knowledge and experience in the sector allow us to have multi-disciplinary teams with in-depth knowledge of its particularities in order to provide legal advice of added value as a consequence of such in-depth knowledge of this business.

This industrial area is of recognized prestige. At present, we provide legal advice to FEIQUE with whom we have signed a collaboration agreement and which allows us to participate hand-in-hand in the issues facing the sector.

Our advice is adjusted to the needs and peculiarities of the sector, guaranteeing continuous, permanent advice that provides global and personalized responses in specialized matters such as:

  • Integral Compliance Systems
  • Corporate Defence Systems
  • Application of Reach Regulations
  • Environmental and Regulatory matters
  • Climatic Change Policy and Emission Rights Trading
  • Savings measures and energy efficiency
  • Energy policy (access tariffs, electric tax, distribution grids and co-generation)
  • Distribution agreements, purveyors and equipment suppliers
  • Antitrust/competition and European Union Law
  • Patents and trademarks
  • Professional secrets
  • Employment Law