We are familiar with the challenges involving striving to provide the highest quality tratment within competitive, highly-professionalizired, environment. We know how necessary it is to count on the best advice available in order to form a solid team to render quality services. We are aware of the demands and pressures the selection and maintenance of this team generate. We are aware of the challenge of managing complex structures such as hospitals, where it is necessary to acquire the materials and technological resources necessary for rendering quality treatment under economic conditions. We are familiar with the difficulties of not settling for the status quo but rather betting on innovation, research and new technologies. We know it is necessary, on occasion, to explore new markets and expand one's brand and know-how. We know that hospital services managers are capable of applying the methods and practices from the private sector to the environment of the public sector in order to achieve a greater efficiency and an improvement of the public sector service.

We advise hospital services managers on optimizing their economic and human resources with measures adapted to the economic environment and applicable regulations. We are experts in negotiating employment conditions with highly-qualified personnel. We work with hospital services managers on their acquisitions and procurement of materials and equipment. We have extensive experience in drafting and negotiating outsourcing contracts, information technology and medical equipment leases and supply agreements. We are a reference in the sector in the optimization and creation of value of resources assigned to research and development, applying highly-efficient tax structures. We are experts in guiding the client on bidding processes and the awarding of public service concessions.

Our Services

Our advice is aimed at providing an integral, specific and personalized response to the needs and peculiarities of hospital services managers:

  • Public and private contracting: supply agreements, outsourcing, service leasing.
  • Advice on the bidding processes and the awarding of public service management administrative concessions.
  • Energy efficiency measures.
  • Planning of complex tax structures aimed at optimizing research funds.
  • Advice on internationalization processes.
  • Negotiation of employment and commercial contracts.
  • Advice vis-à-vis the Public Administrations.
  • Prevention and resolution of conflicts, through mediation and arbitration proceedings.