The considerable development being experienced by the biotechnology sector in recent years has been accompanied by a growing need to obtain integral advice on all legal aspects related to the incorporation and start-up of biotechnology companies, compliance with the requisites of public, healthcare and regulatory law, the protection of the results obtained from the research activities of this type of company, the valuation of assets, their exploitation either directly or through technology transfer agreements and assistance in the internationalization of sector companies.

Gómez-Acebo & Pombo has the knowledge and experience of its specialized professionals who are capable of providing quality legal advice in all areas of application of biotechnology: medical processes, human and animal health (red biotechnology), industrial processes (white or industrial biotechnology), agricultural and food processes (green or agricultural biotechnology) and marine environments (blue or marine biotechnology).

Our legal services in the field on biotechnology include:

  • Advice on the start-up on biotechnology companies and the acquisition of sector companies.
  • Administrative and regulatory advice on biotechnology products.
  • Advice on the regulatory framework of genetically-modified organisms.
  • Advice on the regulatory framework of biomedical research activities.
  • Advice on the conclusion of agreements with laboratories, universities and public sector entities.
  • Advice on collaboration agreements for the development of biotechnology products.
  • Advice on contractual and regulatory problems of genetic testing.
  • Contractual and regulatory advice on storage and distribution of human cells and tissues (tissue banks, stem cell banks, etc.).
  • Advice on the protection of the results obtained from biotechnology research activities.
  • Advice on processing industrial property (patents, complementary protection certificates, vegetable products).
  • Advice on the negotiation and conclusion of technology transfer agreements.
  • Pre-marketing and post-launch agreements.
  • Acquisition and sale of biotechnology assets.
  • Contentious legal advice on public contract matters related to the awarding of biotechnology service provision agreements.
  • Prosecution and defence in legal actions before administrative authorities and courts of the contentious-administrative jurisdiction.
  • Prosecution and defence in the context of judicial proceedings involving violation and validity of industrial property titles and trade secrets related to inventions and technical information obtained as a result of biotechnology research activities.
  • Advice in the area of employment inventions.
  • Advice on compliance with codes of conduct of associations, best laboratory, promotional practices, etc.
  • Advice on obtaining tax benefits for innovation and R+D+i.