International logistics has become one of the key sectors in the current global economic environment, due to the importance of this activity in the international economic globalization movements (foreign trade), new technologies (Internet) and support of industrial activity (just in time logistics). An adequate international logistics infrastructure is a must for the positioning of any country in the international economic scene.‬
‪In this environment Spain is an essential participant in Europe and as a bridge primarily with Africa and Latin America.‬

‪Aware of this reality, we have been sharing with our clients for a long time the difficulties that often involve being able to provide services on a global level, organize the movement of goods between different countries, always acting in accordance with the requirements of each country and, especially, customs and tax regulations.

‪Over time we have become experts in different subjects related to the movement of goods by land, sea or air, working on cases as necessary with firms in foreign countries of our utmost confidence that comply with the same standards of quality.

‪Specifically, we are cognizant of the special customs regimes existing in the European Community, and which falling under the umbrella of the Community Customs Code, allow the movement of goods between the European Community and third countries in a flexible manner, optimizing on numerous occasions the customs and tax costs that could arise in the case of omitting the application thereof. Furthermore, we have in-depth knowledge of the mechanisms to be applied in the operations carried out between Community operators, such as for example triangular or chain operations, very customary and at the same time unknown in their practical implementation.

Our Services‬

Our advice is aimed at providing an integral, specific and personalized response to the needs and peculiarities of logistics companies:

  • General tax advice on import and export of goods, export of services, customs and tax regimes, Distinct Customs Agent Deposits, triangular operations and chain operations within the European Community.
  • Internationalization of logistics companies in their expansion abroad.
  • Advice on agency agreements that must be completed with collaborators abroad.
  • Advice on the resolution of conflicts arising from the international and national transport of goods via land, sea and air.
  • Institutional and ad hoc mediation.
  • Arbitration before national and international courts.
  • Proceedings before the ordinary courts (maritime protests, claims for damage to goods, claims for delay, etc.).
  • Advice on forms of financing and payment (documentary credit, inter alia), transport contracts, insurance.
  • Advice on sanctioning proceedings for ocean contamination, inter alia.