The Spanish airport sector has undergone major reforms over the last twenty years.‬ ‪Inserted in the European context, the Spanish model has also gone through a gradual liberalization process from the set of Directives dating from the early nineties, opting for public management of airport operations and air navigation through the Agency AENA. With this action, our country has consolidated itself within the European air transport market.‬ ‪Its importance for the tourism industry has fuelled the expansion of supply to become the largest European airport network under single management.‬ In the international context Spanish private initiative has developed prestigious projects, and several Spanish companies are present in the private management of major airports abroad.‬

‪The latest approved standards governing the sector and the imminent reform of the management model have as their goal to make more flexible the legal frameworks of the airport and air navigation activity, facilitating a greater presence of private capital. The opportunities promoting this opening, along with the need to reduce costs and deal with increasing competition form a complex panorama, make it necessary to adopt a business strategy which combines short-term stability and long-term security.‬

‪The scale of operations in the airport sector is essential to the integral analysis of the different aspects of the project.‬ ‪Gómez-Acebo & Pombo provides full legal service that covers all areas concerned with the development of the business, providing the security sought by any investor. Our experience in the full spectrum of operations of the sector supports us:‬

  • Acquisitions, sales, leases (capital and operating), chattel mortgages, seizures and repossessions of aircraft at the national and international level.‬
  • The entire range of aircraft and airport financing transactions.
  • Regulatory and administrative issues, authorizations and permits for the creation of airlines, opening of lines, operating contracts, as well as defence in sanctioning and antitrust/competition proceedings.‬
  • Claims for any aviation incident such as accidents, delays, cancellations or stolen merchandise.‬
  • Topics of industrial law, environmental law, urban planning, insurance law, IATA arbitrations, etc.‬
  • Commercial operations of companies in the sector, mergers, acquisitions and portfolio control transactions.‬
  • Advice on international transactions: bidding contests, drafting contracts, transactions with securities of sector companies, etc.‬