Mining activities pose very specific legal issues that require global and specialized advice in the context of providing responses tailored to the client’s requests. We provide advice in the phase prior to obtaining the mining authorization or concession (a matter also affected by urban planning and environmental regulations), in its execution (use of soil and subsoil, regulations on the subject of waste), as well as with respect to the circumstances that could affect the execution or impair the initiation thereof (planning amendments, expropriations) both before the competent Administration as well as in the contentious-administrative jurisdiction.

Our legal advice is aimed at providing specific, personalized responses to the needs and peculiarities of companies working in this area, including the following:

  • Drafting and processing of planning instruments, evaluation of environmental impact, and the remaining authorizations and permits necessary for enabling the extraction activity.
  • Advice on obtaining concessions and authorizations in the area of mines.
  • Negotiation for the acquisition of lands for the development of the extraction activity.
  • Advice on the purchase and transfer of assets and mining rights.
  • Advice with respect to actions which may make difficult or impair the initiation or development of the activity (planning alterations, compulsory expropriation, expiration of authorizations and concessions).
  • Defense of the client’s interests in judicial matters (contentious-administrative, civil and criminal matters).