Our experience in this field has facilitated our familiarity with everything essential for companies working in this area, in order to confront the numerous and very distinct challenges posed in their day-to-day operations.

We are aware of the obstacles this market sector is facing and the necessary organization of the current relationships between the various players who comprise this specific market: manufacturers, importers, distributors, marketers and the final consumer.

We advise companies throughout the various phases, from the creative and productive processes to marketing to the final consumer.

Our Services

Our advice is aimed at providing a specific, personalized and complete response to the needs and peculiarities of the various types of companies that form this sector:

  • Preparation and negotiation of selective and exclusivity-based distribution agreements.
  • Advice on the initiation, management and termination of franchise networks.
  • Antitrust/competition issues.
  • Pre-contentious and contentious assistance in the area of illegal parallel imports (grey market).
  • Full assistance in the area of falsification of trademarks and products: police intervention, criminal judicial proceedings and customs issues at the border.
  • Defence against unfair acts of imitation of trade-apparel or appearance of business.
  • Optimal protection of industrial designs and defence against copies, imitations and infringements.
  • Defensive and offensive advice on distinctive marks.
  • Special production of packaging trademarks.
  • Protocols for notoriety of trademarks, products and services.
  • Protection and defence of patents and commercially sensitive information.
  • Advertising regulations and conflicts.
  • Specific regulations in the area of consumers and end-users.
  • E-commerce and website regulations.
  • Regulations relating to labelling and obligatory instructions for these types of products.
  • Registration and specific regulation of cosmetic products.