We are fully aware of the specific requirements of the companies in this sector, typified by the need to preserve their image, the authenticity and excellence of their products and services, and the prestige of the brand that identifies and distinguishes them.

These needs call for a well defined strategy based on exclusivity and selectivity in every one of the company's actions and over the entire lifecycle of the luxury goods or services, from the very moment of their conception, throughout their advertising and marketing campaigns, and during after-sales service.

We also know from experience the importance of adapting the particular characteristics of the sector to market evolution and globalisation, which, among numerous other aspects, entails the compulsory use of new technologies as a channel for communication and marketing, the formalising of selective or exclusive agreements with local companies, and defending the company against third party actions that could, in one way or another, harm the image of its products or services.

In view of these characteristics, specialized and customized advice is required, consistent with the commitment to innovation, excellence and endeavour that defines these companies.

Among our clients are a diversity of companies belonging to the luxury goods sector, offering items for personal use (fashion, accessories, cosmetics, watch making, jewellery, leather goods) and goods and services in other segments of the market (wine, catering, furnishings, vehicles, etc.).

Our services

The legal services we offer are aimed at providing a comprehensive, accurate and customised response to the needs and special characteristics of the companies in the luxury goods sector, including:

  • The drafting, negotiation and formalisation of exclusive and selective distribution agreements.
  • The drafting, negotiation and formalisation of co-branding, advertising, promotional, testimonial, sponsorship and image rights assignment agreements.
  • Analysing and adapting the Spanish regulations to contract templates used or to be used by the company internationally.
  • Advice on agreements related to issues of creativity and innovation.
  • Protocols on product, service and brand awareness and repute.
  • Advice on the defence and protection of company designs, innovations and know-how, including their trademarks and other distinctive signs.
  • Advice on unfair competition and other issues involving competition law.
  • Comprehensive advice on trademark and product falsification; police intervention, criminal proceedings and goods retained in Customs.
  • Advice on contentious and pre-contentious issues relating to the infringement of industrial and intellectual property rights.
  • Legal advice on parallel imports and the marketing of products outside the selective distribution network.
  • Regulations, claims and procedures in relation to advertising.
  • Regulation of personal data, e-commerce and website protection.
  • Compliance with labelling regulations and product marketing and service providing conditions.
  • Consumer protection regulations.
  • Legal advice on all aspects associated with the internationalization of the company; setting up of subsidiaries and branches and creation of joint-ventures.
  • Comprehensive tax advice.
  • Advice on all legal aspects associated with the company’s charitable activities and its social, ethical and environmental responsibilities.