We advise several leading companies in the textile, clothing and footwear industry including parts of these sectors which have opened production facilities in Asia. These corporations own some of the most renowed retail brands and are perfectly positioned in the market as a result of the enormous effort and investments made by these brand owners. Those businesses know the importance of investing not just in marketing, labelling and presentation, but also in taking action against counterfeiting and other anti-competitive practices.

Gómez-Acebo & Pombo is familiar with the challenges facing these companies and we work closely together with them in order to determine the most effective solutions to the issues they face. We advise these clients throughout each stage of the production and commercial process, from the design and development of the product and the brand to the enforcement strategy, including advice on regulations. the use of distribution, licencing, franchise or other commercial arrangements, as well as on dispute resolution where appropriate:

  • Advice on intellectual property matters in order to yield maximum benefit from these vitally important assets and to remove threats coming from the sale of infringing merchandise. This covers both the traditional and virtual market arenas by selected use of the civil, administrative and criminal courts:
    • comprehensive anti-counterfeiting advice: police and customs interventions; criminal proceedings; actions against counterfeiting, imitation and infringing products;
    • actions against illegal parallel imports;
    • customs interventions and representation before the Authorities;
    • offensive and defensive action strategies to protect trade mark rights;
    • reputation protocols for trade marks, products and services;
    • enforcement of patents, designs and confidential information.
  • Regulatory advice on labelling and marketing.
  • Commercial agreements, such as selective and exclusive distribution, licensing, framework and intermediate arrangements.
  • Advice on the initiation, management and termination of franchise networks.
  • Advice on sponsorships and co-branding arrangements.
  • Anti-trust actions.
  • Actions to prevent passing-offs and imitations of trade get-ups.
  • Regulatory advice and disputes on advertising.
  • Consumer law advice.
  • E-commerce, virtual media and data protection. Local employment law advice and sector-specific regulations.
  • Advice on real estate law and urban planning.
  • Contractual disputes with customers and suppliers.
  • Local tax advice.
  • Organisation of staff-training courses within these companies.