We are fully knowledgeable of the circumstances within the sector, which was one of the most affected by the recent and sudden stoppage of construction and real property development. We have advised companies on their re-structuring processes, assisting them to re-finance their debt, to reduce personnel costs and to adjust to the new market. We have also advised them on the re-organization of their corporate structure.

We are involved with the companies from the onset – both in the phases of construction and the initiation of factory production as well as in the processes involving the incorporation of distributor companies. We are familiar with the legal issues involved in the initiation of business activities and are experts in urban planning and environmental matters of major social impact which are subject to extremely complex regulations.  

We know that their success may depend on exporting their products and the internationalization of their activities. We work with them on their ventures abroad, either through the acquisition of foreign companies or through the incorporation of subsidiaries. We also advice them on the re-organization of their sales structure, making them aware of the various legal tools available in order to co-ordinate their relationships with Market operators. 

Our advice is aimed at providing a specific, comprehensive and personalized response to the needs of the companies forming this sector of business. Our services include:

  • Obtaining of all types of environmental and urban planning licenses, permits and authorizations, etc.
  • Advice on work force re-structuring processes, on flexibility in employment relationships, modification of working conditions, re-financing of debt and re-organization of corporate structures.
  • Preparation and negotiation of distribution, agency, and franchising agreements as well as purchase and sale agreements covering their products.
  • Advice on internationalization processes, regarding commercial, tax and employment issues, planning and developing strategies for optimizing investments.
  • Transactions involving the re-organization of corporate structures in order to optimize resources and obtain incentives and tax savings.
  • Transactions involving the purchase and sale of companies, mergers and acquisitions, both in Spain and abroad.